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One or more tokens that define the matching criteria for the distribution of child nodes of the shadow host.

Applies to dom/HTMLContentElement
The select tokens define the matching criteria for distributing child nodes of the shadow host. Each token must be a valid selector fragment, which consists of the following:
  • a selector that uniquely identifies the shadow host.
  • a combination selector that identifies the parent element and the element at this insertion point.
  • the following CSS3 selectors:


This example uses CSS selectors to select specific content from a shadow root.

<div style="background: purple; padding: 1em;">
  <div style="color: red;">
    <content select=".first"></content>
  <div style="color: yellow;">
    <content select="div"></content>
  <div style="color: blue;">
    <content select=".email"></content>

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