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This is a listing page for HTML attributes.

ATOMICSELECTION html attributeSpecifies whether the element and its contents must be selected as a whole, indivisible unit.
BaseHrefRetrieves a string of the URL where the object tag can be found, often the href of the document that the object is in, or the value set by a base element.
abbrIndicates an abbreviation or an acronym.
acceptThis attribute supplies browsers with a hint about what filetypes its element will accept.
accessKeySets a keyboard keystroke for selection of its element, which would otherwise be done using a mouse.
actionSets the URL which the browser will send the form data on submission.
allowTransparencySets or retrieves whether the object can be transparent.
altThe alt attribute is used as a textual representation for graphics and buttons in browsers that don’t or can’t render images, or when the resource is not found.
asyncProvides additional control over when an external script or an HTML import is being fetched and executed while a document loads.
autocompleteThe autocomplete attribute specifies whether a browser should automatically provide values for a form element.
autofocusProvides a way to direct a user to a specific field when a document loads.
borderSpecifies the width of the border around an element. Deprecated in HTML4, not supported in HTML5. Use CSS.
border (frameSet, iframe)Sets or retrieves the space between the frames, including the 3-D border.
cellPaddingSpecifies the space, in pixels, between the cell wall and the cell content. Not supported in HTML5. Use CSS.
cellsRetrieves a collection of all cells in the table row or in the entire table.
chSets an alignment character. The first occurrence of the alignment character in each cell in a column will be on a vertical axis.
chOffRemoves an alignment character set by the attribute ch.
charsetThe charset attribute is used to declare the character encoding of the document.
checkedIndicates the initial state of a checkbox or radio button.
classSpecifies one or more classes for an element, usually used to point to a class in a style sheet.
classidSets or retrieves the class identifier for the object.
codeBaseSets or retrieves the URL of the component.
colorThe foreground color of the text of an object.
cols (TextArea element)
cols (frameSet)Sets or retrieves the number of columns in the table.
contentEditableSets or retrieves the string that indicates whether the user can edit the content of the object.
contextmenuUsed to associate the menu element in the DOM to the given element as its context menu.
dataFldSets or retrieves a field of a given data source, as specified by the dataSrc property, to bind to the specified object.
dataSrcSets or retrieves the source of the data for data binding.
dirGlobal attribute. Specifies the element’s text directionality.
disabledPrevents users from changing, clicking on, or submitting an element.
downloadSpecifies that the target item is to be downloaded for offline viewing.
faceSets or retrieves the current typeface family.
formThe form attribute specifies the parent form of an html form element.
formActionThe formaction attribute specifies the URL of a file that will process the input control when the form is submitted.
formEnctypeThe formenctype attribute specifies how the form-data should be encoded when submitting it to the server.
formMethodThe formmethod attribute defines the HTTP method for sending form-data to the action URL.
formNoValidateWhen present, it specifies that the <input> element should not be validated when submitted.
heightSpecifies the height of the certain content elements in pixels.
hiddenThe hidden attribute is a boolean attribute. When specified on an element, it indicates that the element is not yet, or is no longer, directly relevant to the page’s current state, or that it is being used to declare content to be reused by other parts of the page as opposed to being directly accessed by the user.
hrefSets or retrieves a destination URL or an anchor point
idThe id attribute is used for identifying elements in a document.
isDescribes the base element from which the element with this attribute is extended.
languageUse the type attribute instead. Specifies the language of the script to be evaluated. May be omitted when using ECMAScript (also known as JavaScript).
listThe list attribute refers to a <datalist> element specifying possible values to suggest for an input element.
longdescLinks an image to a description of its content, for enhanced accessibility
loopSets or retrieves the number of times a sound or video clip will loop when activated.
max (HTMLInputElement)The max attribute specifies the maximum value for an <input> element.
maxLengthThe maxLength attribute sets an upper limit on the number of characters that can be entered in an input element.
minThe min attribute specifies the minimum value for an <input> element.
multipleThe multiple attribute indicates that the user is allowed to enter more than one value in an <input> element.
name (frames)
name (meta object)
name (window)
name param element))
noValidateWhen present, it specifies that the form-data (input) should not be validated when submitted.
patternThe pattern attribute specifies a regular expression that the <input> element’s value is checked against.
placeholderThe placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field (e.g. a sample value or a short description of the expected format).
relDescribes the relationship from the current document to the anchor specified by the href attribute.
requiredThe required attribute is a boolean attribute. When present, it specifies that an input field must be filled out before submitting the form.
security html attribute
selectOne or more tokens that define the matching criteria for the distribution of child nodes of the shadow host.
sizeThis article outlines the HTML attribute "size", which allows the user to specify a width in characters of an <input> element.
size (control)
size (hr)
sizesThe sizes attribute is an extension of the image element. It provides additional image related information to the browser to help decide the most appropriate image to load based on the viewport. Most commonly used for delivering the best image for responsive images. It can only be used in conjunction with srcset
src (iframe, embed, xml)
src (input, img)
src (script)
srcsetThe srcset attribute is an extension of the image element. It provides additional image related information to the browser to help decide the most appropriate image to load. Most commonly used for delivering the best image for high device pixel ratio and responsive images.
standbyA message for the browser to show while an object's implementation and data load.
start (ol)
stepSpecify the increment for input with types number, time, or range
styleSets an inline style for the element.
tabIndexRepresents the tab order of an element.
targetTarget is a link attribute, which defines where to open the link.
translateThe translate attribute indicates whether the element’s content and attribute values should be translated or not.
typeThe type attribute is used to define what sort of type an input or ordered list element is.
type (button element)
type (param element)
type (script element)
type (select element)
type (textarea element)
type (ul,li,ol elements)
vAlign (table caption)
value (HTMLProgressElement)
value (button element)
value (input elements)
value (li element)
value (param element)
value (select, option element)
value (textarea element)
vcard name
widthSpecifies the width, in pixels, of certain content elements.
width (img, input elements)
width (merge candidate)
wrapSets the wrap style (soft, hard, or off) for a text element.


html/attributes/ATOMICSELECTION html attribute html/attributes/BaseHref
html/attributes/aLink html/attributes/abbr
html/attributes/accept html/attributes/acceptCharset html/attributes/accessKey
html/attributes/action html/attributes/align html/attributes/align (Table, iframe elements)
html/attributes/align (Table caption, legend element) html/attributes/alinkColor html/attributes/allowTransparency
html/attributes/alt html/attributes/altdom/alt html/attributes/async
html/attributes/autocomplete html/attributes/autocomplete (input, form elements) html/attributes/autofocus
html/attributes/axis html/attributes/background (Body element) html/attributes/background (Table, table cell, td, th elements)
html/attributes/balance html/attributes/bgColor html/attributes/bgProperties
html/attributes/border html/attributes/borderColor html/attributes/borderColorDark
html/attributes/borderColorLight html/attributes/border (frameSet, iframe) html/attributes/bottomMargin
html/attributes/capture html/attributes/cellPadding html/attributes/cells
html/attributes/ch html/attributes/chOff html/attributes/charset
html/attributes/checked html/attributes/cite html/attributes/class
html/attributes/classid html/attributes/clear html/attributes/codeBase
html/attributes/codeType html/attributes/colSpan html/attributes/color
html/attributes/cols html/attributes/cols (TextArea element) html/attributes/cols (frameSet)
html/attributes/compact html/attributes/content html/attributes/contentEditable
html/attributes/contextmenu html/attributes/coords html/attributes/crossorigin
html/attributes/data html/attributes/data-* html/attributes/dataFld
html/attributes/dataFormatAs html/attributes/dataPageSize html/attributes/dataSrc
html/attributes/datetime html/attributes/declare
html/attributes/defer html/attributes/dir html/attributes/disabled
html/attributes/dom/for html/attributes/dom/htmlFor html/attributes/download
html/attributes/draggable html/attributes/encoding html/attributes/enctype
html/attributes/event html/attributes/face html/attributes/form
html/attributes/formAction html/attributes/formEnctype html/attributes/formMethod
html/attributes/formNoValidate html/attributes/formtarget html/attributes/frame
html/attributes/frameBorder html/attributes/frameSpacing html/attributes/headers
html/attributes/height html/attributes/hidden html/attributes/hideFocus
html/attributes/href html/attributes/href (base) html/attributes/hreflang
html/attributes/hspace html/attributes/httpEquiv html/attributes/id
html/attributes/is html/attributes/isMap html/attributes/label
html/attributes/label (optGroup) html/attributes/lang html/attributes/language
html/attributes/leftMargin html/attributes/link html/attributes/list
html/attributes/longdesc html/attributes/loop
html/attributes/lowsrc html/attributes/marginHeight html/attributes/marginWidth
html/attributes/max(HTMLProgressElement) html/attributes/maxLength html/attributes/max (HTMLInputElement)
html/attributes/method html/attributes/methods html/attributes/min
html/attributes/multiple html/attributes/name html/attributes/name (frames)
html/attributes/name (meta object) html/attributes/name (window) html/attributes/name param element)
html/attributes/noHref html/attributes/noResize html/attributes/noShade
html/attributes/noValidate html/attributes/noWrap html/attributes/pattern
html/attributes/placeholder html/attributes/pluginspage
html/attributes/readonly html/attributes/rel html/attributes/required
html/attributes/reset-style-inheritance html/attributes/rev html/attributes/rightMargin
html/attributes/role html/attributes/rowSpan html/attributes/rules
html/attributes/sandbox html/attributes/scheme html/attributes/scope
html/attributes/scroll html/attributes/scrolling html/attributes/security html attribute
html/attributes/select html/attributes/selected html/attributes/shape
html/attributes/size html/attributes/size (control) html/attributes/size (hr)
html/attributes/sizes html/attributes/span html/attributes/src
html/attributes/src (iframe, embed, xml) html/attributes/src (input, img) html/attributes/src (script)
html/attributes/srcset html/attributes/standby html/attributes/start
html/attributes/start (ol) html/attributes/step html/attributes/style
html/attributes/summary html/attributes/tabIndex html/attributes/tabStop
html/attributes/target html/attributes/title html/attributes/topMargin
html/attributes/translate html/attributes/type html/attributes/type (button element)
html/attributes/type (param element) html/attributes/type (script element) html/attributes/type (select element)
html/attributes/type (textarea element) html/attributes/type (ul,li,ol elements)
html/attributes/units html/attributes/url html/attributes/urn
html/attributes/useMap html/attributes/vAlign html/attributes/vAlign (table caption)
html/attributes/vLink html/attributes/valueType html/attributes/value (HTMLProgressElement)
html/attributes/value (button element) html/attributes/value (input elements) html/attributes/value (li element)
html/attributes/value (param element) html/attributes/value (select, option element) html/attributes/value (textarea element)
html/attributes/vcard name html/attributes/version (dom/version html/attributes/viewMasterTab
html/attributes/volume html/attributes/vspace html/attributes/width
html/attributes/width (img, input elements) html/attributes/width (merge candidate) html/attributes/wrap