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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the markup language for web pages. The World Wide Web Consortium maintains the HTML standard.

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HTML learning material

Tutorials and concept articles to teach you HTML from the ground up.

Element reference

A reference guide to all the HTML elements available.

Attribute reference

A reference guide to all the available HTML attributes.


API reference

A reference guide to all the APIs associated with the HTML language.

Data type reference

A reference guide to HTML data types.

Entity reference

A reference guide to HTML entities.

Note: If you are completely new to web development, you may want to review Web development for beginners.


HTML is language we structure our content in on the World Wide Web; one of the main components of the Open Web Platform.

Contributing to the HTML technology

HTML development has been hosted by a few different organizations during its history including CERN, IETF, and W3C. Development has mainly taken place on HTML Working Group Mailing Lists. These lists are good places to start if you want to suggest new features or provide feedback. For news and more general information, consult the W3C HTML home page.

the W3C is also currently asking for review comments on the Media Accessibility Checklist

Index of all HTML topics

The element and attribute lists below only include W3C Recommended values or candidate/proposed recommendations. Use the Special:PrefixIndex/html/ search page to find all elements and attributes organized under this page, or the HTML category page for all HTML-related pages in the wiki.

HTML Elements

HTML Attributes