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Describes the base element from which the element with this attribute is extended.

Applies to dom/HTMLElement
Extending an element with [document.createElement](/w/index.php?title=dom/document/createElement&action=edit&redlink=1) creates a new element. To use that element in markup, you must describe the element with a tag and include the `is=` attribute with the value of the base element from which the new element is extended. See examples.


Markup for an extended element.

<button is="mega-button">

Creates the custom element 'mega-button’, which is extended from the ‘button’ element.

var megaButton = document.createElement('button', 'mega-button');
// megaButton instanceof MegaButton === true


 The extended element name must contain at least one dash (-). So for example, <x-foo>, <foo-element>, and <my-foo-element> are valid names, while <tabs> and <foo_bar> are not.


The custom element name must not be one of the following existing hyphen-containing element names:

  • annotation-xml
  • color-profile
  • font-face
  • font-face-src
  • font-face-uri
  • font-face-format
  • font-face-name
  • missing-glyph

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