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Sets or retrieves a field of a given data source, as specified by the dataSrc property, to bind to the specified object.

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## Examples

In this example, a text box is bound to the flavor field supplied by a data source object with an ID of ice_cream. Because the text box is contained in a table, it is repeated, and all values in the flavor column are displayed.

<table datasrc="#ice_cream">
   <tr><td><input type="textbox" datafld="flavor"></td></tr>

In this example, the select object is bound to the card_type column of a data source control with an ID of order. The value of the field in the data set determines the option that is initially selected. When the user selects a different option from the select, the value of the card_type field in the current record of the data set is updated.

<select datasrc="#order" datafld="card_type">
   <option>American Express
   <option>Diner's Club



The dataFld property is not available on param objects; use getAttribute(‘dataFld’) instead.


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