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WebGL is a standard that allows you to create real 3D content and render it in a web browser. WebGL is the web binding to the OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics API, and therefore allows us to run real 3D across any system with a browser that supports it and the graphics capabilities to handle such visually rich content. WebGL is maintained by the Khronos Group for 3D graphics on the Web. In web technology terms, WebGL is the 3D drawing context of the HTML5 <canvas> element and can be used through the HTML5 Canvas element with a Javascript API.


WebGL educational material

You can start studying WebGL with the WebGL tutorials.

The following sites feature WebGL introductions and tutorials as well

The following books on WebGL have been published

The following videos feature tutorials and explanations about WebGL

WebGL reference

You can consult the WebGL Reference

Additional reference resources on WebGL can be found on the Khronos WebGL page

WebGL Availability

Not all browsers support WebGL yet. To test whether your browser supports WebGL go to the [test page]

Statistics of support

WebGL Stats, July 4, 201474%
Can I Use, July 4, 201465%

Browser Support

IEFirefoxChromeSafariOperaiOS SafariOpera MiniAndroid BrowserChrome for Android

Source: Can I Use, May 1. 2015

OS, GPU and Driver Support

The criteria for support differ from browser to browser. The details of support are listed at:

Examples / Best Practices

Index of WebGL topics