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Python is a dynamic programming language which emphasizes code readability. It is widely used in a variety of areas, most notably scientific computing and system administration, though it has recently gained much wider usage in web development.

Similarity with Javascript

  • Functional programming features
  • Dynamic typing


  • “Batteries-included” - numerous useful standard libraries included by default
  • Object-Oriented
  • Excellent support for string and lists operations
  • Many web frameworks
  • Many system utility tools and years of traction as server-side scripting language (if you need to do more advanced server-side tasks in the future)
  • Strong community



Python also has a fairly vibrant community:



Some of the more widely used Python web frameworks are:

WSGI is the standard API for Python to talk to web servers and most (but not all) web frameworks support it. Understanding a high level overview of the WSGI interface may aid you in understanding the control flow of your web requests when using Python as the backend.