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The following table lists JavaScript statements.



DescriptionLanguage Element
breakTerminates the current loop, or if in conjunction with a label , terminates the associated statement.
CommentCauses comments to be ignored by the JavaScript parser.
continueStops the current iteration of a loop, and starts a new iteration.
debuggerStarts the debugger.
do…whileExecutes a statement block once, and then repeats execution of the loop until a condition expression evaluates to false.
forExecutes a block of statements for as long as a specified condition is true.
for…inExecutes one or more statements for each element of an object or array.
functionDeclares a new function.
if…elseConditionally executes a group of statements, depending on the value of an expression.
LabeledProvides an identifier for a statement.
returnExits from the current function and returns a value from that function.
switchEnables the execution of one or more statements when a specified expression’s value matches a label.
thisRefers to the current object.
throwGenerates an error condition that can be handled by a try…catch statement.
try-catch-finallyImplements error handling for JavaScript.
varDeclares a variable.
whileExecutes a statement until a specified condition is false.
withEstablishes the default object for a statement.


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