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The following table lists JavaScript Objects.



Language ElementDescription
ArrayProvides support for creation of arrays of any data type.
ArrayBufferRepresents a raw buffer of binary data, which is used to store data for the different typed arrays. ArrayBuffers cannot be read from or written to directly, but can be passed to a typed array or DataView to interpret the raw buffer as needed.
argumentsAn object representing the arguments to the currently executing function, and the functions that called it.
BooleanCreates a new Boolean value.
DataViewUsed to read and write different kinds of binary data to any location in the ArrayBuffer.
DateEnables basic storage and retrieval of dates and times.
ErrorAn object that contains information about errors that occur while JavaScript code is running.
Float32ArrayA typed array of 32-bit float values.
Float64ArrayA typed array of 64-bit float values.
FunctionCreates a new function.
GlobalAn intrinsic object whose purpose is to collect global methods into one object.
Int8ArrayA typed array of 8-bit integer values.
Int16ArrayA typed array of 16-bit integer values.
Int32ArrayA typed array of 32-bit integer values.
JSONAn intrinsic object that provides two methods to convert to and from the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.
MathAn intrinsic object that provides basic mathematics functionality and constants.
NumberAn object representation of the number data type and placeholder for numeric constants.
ObjectProvides functionality common to all JavaScript objects.
RegExpStores information on regular expression pattern searches.
Regular ExpressionContains a regular expression pattern.
StringAllows manipulation and formatting of text strings and determination and location of substrings within strings.
Uint8ArrayA typed array of 8-bit unsigned integer values.
Uint16ArrayA typed array of 16-bit unsigned integer values.
Uint32ArrayA typed array of 32-bit unsigned integer values.

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