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Returns true if existing property attributes and values cannot be modified in an object, and new properties cannot be added to the object.


Object.isFrozen( object )
Required. The object to test.

Return Value

true if all of the following are true:

  • The object is non-extensible, which indicates that new properties cannot be added to the object.
  • The configurable attribute is false for all existing properties.
  • The writable attribute is false for all existing data properties.

If the object has no existing properties, the function returns true if the object is non-extensible.


The following example illustrates the use of the Object.isFrozen function.

// Create an object that has two properties.
 var obj = { pasta: "spaghetti", length: 10 };

 // Freeze the object, and verify that it is frozen.

 // Try to add a new property, and then verify that it is not added.
 obj.newProp = 50;
 document.write (obj.newProp);
 document.write ("<br/>");

 // Try to delete a property, and then verify that it is still present.
 delete obj.length;
 document.write (obj.length);
 document.write ("<br/> ");

 // Try to change a property value, and then verify that it is not changed.
 obj.pasta = "linguini";
 document.write (obj.pasta);

 // Output:
 // true
 // undefined
 // 10
 // spaghetti


When the configurable attribute of a property is false , the property attributes cannot be changed and the property cannot be deleted. When writable is false , the data property value cannot be changed. When configurable is false and writable is true , the value and writable attributes can be changed.

For information about how to set property attributes, see Object.defineProperty Function. To obtain the attributes of a property, you can use the Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor Function.

The following related functions prevent the modification of object attributes.

FunctionObject is made non-extensibleconfigurable is set to false for each propertywritable is set to false for each property

The following functions return true if all of the conditions marked in the following table are true.

FunctionObject is extensible?configurable is false for all properties?writable is false for all data properties?


If the object argument is not an object, a TypeError exception is thrown.

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