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Calls a method of an object, substituting another object for the current object.


call([ thisObj [, arg1 [ , arg2 [ ,   [ , argN ]]]]])
Optional. The object to be used as the current object.
arg1, arg2, , argN
Optional. A list of arguments to be passed to the method.


The following code shows how to use the call method.

function callMe(arg1, arg2){
     var s = "";

     s += "this value: " + this;
     s += "<br />";
     for (i in callMe.arguments) {
         s += "arguments: " + callMe.arguments[i];
         s += "<br />";
     return s;

 document.write("Original function: <br/>");
 document.write(callMe(1, 2));

 document.write("Function called with call: <br/>");
 document.write(, 4, 5));

 // Output:
 // Original function:
 // this value: [object Window]
 // arguments: 1
 // arguments: 2

 // Function called with call:
 // this value: 3
 // arguments: 4
 // arguments: 5


The call method is used to call a method on behalf of another object. It allows you to change the this object of a function from the original context to the new object specified by thisObj.

If thisObj is not supplied, the global object is used as thisObj.

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