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The script element enables dynamic script and data blocks to be included in documents. It can contain code/data directly or it can link to external sources. It is mainly used with JavaScript.

Overview Table

DOM Interface


PropertyDescriptionUsed with inline scripts
srcThe URL to an external file that contains the source code or data.No
typeThe MIME type for the script. Required in HTML 4, defaults to text/javascript in HTML 5. For JavaScript, this should always be set to application/javascript since RFC4329.Yes
charsetSets or retrieves the script’s character encoding. You can’t use the type attribute with this attribute.No
languageThe programming language for the associated scripting engine. Depracated, use type instead.Yes
deferSpecifies that script should be executed after the document has been parsed.No
asyncSpecifies that the script should be executed asynchronously, as soon as it becomes available.No
crossoriginWhether or not script error information will be revealed from the script(This is used only when scripts are being loaded from different origins).No


Loading an external script.

<script src="" type="application/javascript"></script>

Writing an inline script.

<script type="application/javascript">
  //Do stuff...


Code within the script block that is not contained within a function is executed immediately as the document is loaded.When the Type attribute is unset on the script object, then text/javascript is used. The order of the script objects in a document can also be important, especially if scripting event handlers are assigned to one or more elements in the document. Using async="async" didn’t work in some older browser, instead async="true" was used.

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