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s – strikethrough


For technical reasons, the title of this article is not the text used to call this API. Instead, use s


The s element represents contents that are no longer accurate and must be marked accordingly in order to allow keeping it in the document.

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DOM Interface

Use the s element to represent things that are no longer relevant or no longer accurate. However, s is not appropriate when indicating document edits; for that, use the del and ins elements, as appropriate.


This example uses the <s> element to render a text that no longer accurate.

  <li><s>today's special: Gouda Cheeseburger, .14</s> SOLD OUT</li>
  <li>Classic Cheeseburger, .50</li>

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Typical browser default CSS properties for the <s> element.

text-decoration: line-through;


 While s and del appear to be similar, namely marking obsolete content, but they differ in semantics. del marks text that has been removed from the document, but s marks text that is to be kept in the document, but made clear that its content is no longer accurate.


The information that the text inside the s element is not accurate is not indicated to assistive technologies, like screen readers. Instead it is interpreted like regular text which can lead to confusion. Add clear text that the information is invalid.

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