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q – quote


For technical reasons, the title of this article is not the text used to call this API. Instead, use q


The q element represents some phrasing content quoted from another source.

Overview Table

DOM Interface

Do not use quote characters (', ", ``, etc) when using the q element. If used with the html/elements/cite element, the cite must contain a valid url.


  • cite = valid URL potentially surrounded by spaces
    Specifies the address in the quotation source. [Example B]


This example uses the q element to set apart a quotation in text.

<p>She then said, <q>See you around, kiddo!</q></p>

This example shows that the q element can have child elements.

<p>Chicken Little: <q>The sky is falling…
the sky is falling… <em>the sky is falling!</em></q></p>


 The q should be used to denote short, inline quotes that do not need a paragraph of their own.

For longer quotes, please use the blockquote element.

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