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Nonstandard. Defines a scrolling area (usually horizontal) of text.

Overview Table

DOM Interface

No, really. don’t use it.



The default width of the MARQUEE element is equal to the width of its parent element. When a MARQUEE is in a TD that does not specify a width, you should explicitly set the width of MARQUEE. If neither the MARQUEE nor the TD has a width specified, the marquee is collapsed to a 1-pixel width. To create a vertically scrolling marquee, set its scrollLeft property to 0. To create a horizontally scrolling marquee, set its scrollTop property to 0, overriding any script setting. The scrollLeft and scrollTop properties are read-only while the marquee is scrolling. When not scrolling, scrollLeft is read/write for a marquee set to scroll horizontally and scrollTop is read/write for a marquee set to scroll vertically.