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An HTMLCollection is a list of nodes. An individual node may be accessed either by its ordinal index or by the node’s name or id attributes.

Note that collections in the HTML DOM are assumed to be live, which means that they are automatically updated when the underlying document is changed.


The length or size of the list.


Retrieves a node specified by ordinal index. Nodes are numbered in tree order (depth-first traversal order).
This method retrieves a Node using a name. With HTML 4.01 documents, it first searches for a Node with a matching id attribute. If it doesn’t find one, it then searches for a Node with a matching name attribute, but only on those elements that are allowed a name attribute. With XHTML 1.0 documents, this method only searches for Nodes with a matching id attribute. This method is case insensitive in HTML documents and case sensitive in XHTML documents.


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