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Attribute selector


Allows to select tags that has an attributes. While it can match the class and the id selector, its specificity value is lower.


[sel=att] {...}


  • sel: The name of a tag property
  • att: Must be either an Identifier or a String.
  • "=": An equality expression, one of
    • = Exactly equals,
    • ^= Begins with,
    • $= Ends with,
    • ~= Contains (with word boundary),
    • *= Contains (without word boundary)


The following style rule selects any element with an “attr” attribute whose value is exactly "Value".

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <style type="text/css">
      .test          { display:none; }
      [attr="Value"] { display:block; }
    <div class="test" attr="Value">Test for [=] (Value) succeeded.</div>

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