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Adds a margin to a shape-outside. In effect, defines a new shape that is the smallest contour around all the points that are the shape-margin distance outward perpendicular to each point on the underlying shape. For points where a perpendicular direction is not defined (e.g., a triangle corner), takes all points on a circle centered at the point and with a radius of the shape-margin distance. This property accepts only non-negative values.

Overview table

Initial value
Applies to
Computed value
as specified, but with lengths made absolute

CSS Object Model Property


  • shape-margin: <length>
  • shape-margin: <percentage>


Sets the margin of the shape to the <length>.
Sets the margin of the shape to a percentage of the width of the element’s containing block.


In the following example, we have a div with an image with a CSS class.

  <img class="logo" src=""/>

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View live example

In the CSS class, we float the image left, set its shape to be the same image, and then we set a margin of 30px.

.shape {
    float: left;
    shape-outside: url("");
    shape-margin: 20px;

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