Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github.

What’s next with the project?


  • Infrastructure overview
  • New services
    • notes server
    • specs
    • discourse



  • Domain name
  • action, ask Robin if he has preferences
  • Remember that it might also be taken as a Q&A by the community and not spec centric
  • Experimental features


Ideas we want to propose that are one of WebPlatform/W3C strengths or things we have in place.

We looked at doing documentation like MDN, and it wasn’t particularily successsful. Lots of efforts, can be a resource-blackhole, we can only have a limited success. We should maybe instead focus at things we would bring better value to developers. Not just “replacing” MDN.

The unique of WebPlatform can offer is the W3C’s association and standards. For both audience, web developers and related to standards (maintenance and new specification). How can we best serve the audience.

What we learned while running WPD in the last years:

  • Very little overlap between communities: standards, and web developers (success indicator)
  • We didn’t have much attraction of web developer as an audience (new audience, a success)
  • Bad thing is that we didn’t get much attraction from the standards community
  • Our content might need to do more curation, lets set priorities and focus on them
    • Features that arent’ really well documented (e.g. SVG, Accessibility experts)
    • Emerging technologies, recently spec’ed, and not much documentation about them
    • Increase involvement from the standards people. Help them participate with us.
  • We havent got very much traffic because our focus was always into creating the content. We should focus less on the content, and more on the services. Content isn’t unique, services can make a distinction.

Documentation plan

  • we have a lot of content but its not well organized nor curated
  • Documentation plan:
    • Features that arent’ really well documented AND/OR emerging technologies that are newly spec’ed
    • Hire somebody to help curate and organize the site and do better organization
    • Invite experts to help make exemplar pages, details, how tos. To make each pages useful for web developers
    • Focus on quality instead of quantity (e.g. SVG, Accessibility)
    • Set in place ways to extract out of standard documents to make it a base for documentation
    • @TODO compat data?
  • In addition to doing documentation, we want to provide a way for developers to get more involved in the creation and standardization of technologies
  • We also learned that we can’t really count on long sustained efforts from volunteers
  • Regardless of whether or not we get steward support financially, convince them to make the editors also participate in documentation along with their work on standards

Developer involvement plan

  • annotation system

Infrastructure we have in place

Refer the 201503 report published in the Infrastructure section