Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github.


JavaScript post-import content plan

Here’s a proposal for how we’ll run the JavaScript content plan


To start the JavaScript content review, we’ll need to have:

  • Donated content imported as described in the JavaScript project plan.
  • A template for the JavaScript language reference pages
  • Editing environment needs to be stable (no 500s & 503s)

Community launch

Once we have the pages in place, we’ll let the community know it’s time to start editing.


We will blog about it, then following the channels of communication as follows:

ChannelOwnerOrder of release
Blog postJulee1
Steward blogssteward rep3

Recruiting experts

Recruit 3-6 JavaScript experts, geographically dispersed, to advice editors throughout the project, attend Doc Sprints, and provide technical reviews.

Completing editing & samples work

Completing editing & samples work depends on weekly contributions, as well as focused events such as Doc Sprints and tailored groups, such as students.


We will continue Web Platform Wednesdays to parse out work, announce a bundle, and recruit contributors.

Doc Sprints

Doc Sprints every month or two can get a lot of work through the pipeline.



Please sign up. The amount of contributions is directly proportional to the number of coordinators.

Available coordinators:

  • Julee

Office hours

Please sign up. Editorial office hours are a way for us to let contributors know when we can focus on helping them.

JuleeWednesdaynoon-3pm Pacific Time

Review cycles

Once a first pass on the basic tasks & samples are complete, we’ll have a review cycle to make sure editorial tasks are complete, samples are good and follow best practices. Then, we’ll let the experts & influencers voice their opinion about the quality of the content.






After completing editing, samples, and reviews, we’ll be ready to announce the completion of this project. A launch plan should be drafted that considers timing and availability.