Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github.


Proposed path to adding university contacts to announcement email list

email list


  1. Everyone provides 1 University or technical school contact.
  2. Request that contact and the person at their department responsible for communications be added to a periodic newsletter.
  3. Send out an email about 1/month w/ a Piwik campaign # associated to it. (This means all links have a piwik #.)

Email to individual contacts

Who sends email

Individuals with university contacts can send out an email, or they can pass the contact to us and we can send out the email.

Draft email

Subject: is looking for students

cc-ing 1st degree contact


Dear So Andso:

You were referred to us by [1st degree contact]. We’d like to get the word out to your students about – where the community is documenting the web standards. This effort is comparable to the early stages of wikipedia. We have web and mobile experts contributing content and their time. is sponsored by companies such as W3C, Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera.

What we have to offer your students

We’d like to include the upcoming generation of web professionals to:

  • Let them know this is their web
  • Connect them with industry leaders
  • Support their contribution to the web
  • Give students the opportunity to work on a professional site and build their portfolio
  • Encourage intercollegiate and professional collaboration

We have immediate opportunities for volunteer writers, coders, designers, social media enthusiasts, and detailed-oriented individuals. We have mentors who can guide your students through their training and contributions.

We can also come to your university to present what we’re doing at and to teach folks how to participate.

What we’re looking for

We’d like to add you to our email list (, to inform you of events and milestones. Would you please let us know if we can do so?

We’d appreciate you forwarding this email to the person responsible for communications in your department. If you have a periodic newsletter or other communication about industry opportunities, we’d like to submit our news to that person for dissemination.

Finally, if you know exceptional students who are working on front-end development (HTML, CSS, SVG, JavaScript) or LAMP development, would you kindly direct them to our email list or IRC channel?


  • 2013-04-28 Email to contacts sent
  • 2013-04-30 Email list populated
  • 2013-05-05 Initial email sent to