Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github.

WPD/Project Status

The Web Platform Docs project is currently in Alpha phase.

The goal is to get to Beta phase in a few months.

What is Beta?

Vision: The site must perform well, contain reasonably good content (as we define reasonably good), with search working to our community’s expectations.

All work items and criteria need to be moved to Bug Genie to "count". There will be a master project with child projects (sub-projects or components) for each activity. Each project will itself have sub-projects, with delineated milestones (though particular items may move from one milestone to another). Julee will work with Garbee on this

Our Beta criteria will have 3 major areas of focus:

  • Infrastructure
  • Content
  • Community

Sample Goals:

  • All tier 1 content is x% signed off
    • We determine the following projects (or pages) are tier 1
      • Project Foo
      • Project Bar
      • Conceptual pages a, b, and f of Project Baz
  • Tutorials pages will also be considered for required signoff
  • In addition to critical feature sets, we will also pick milestones by attacks of opportunity.
  • Our goals should play to our strategic needs (SEO, etc., as well as content completeness)
    • For example, CSS properties is good for general need
    • But we may pick other topics as well
      • Including SVG may give the overall site SEO gains, as there are few existing centers of gravity.

Beta Goals

Goals for Infrastructure

We want the site work as a normal reader or editor would expect it to.

  • Performative, usable, discoverable
    • Usability for consumers
    • Usability for editors

Infrastructure Items

  • Make sure the session issues are fixed
  • Dabblet integration
  • Localisation framework
  • Add “WPD” inside article titles for better SEO
  • Add site wide navigation menu
  • Compatibility tables should be automated and always current
  • API for external folks pulling content from WPD
  • Dependable and useful search
  • Analytics: we track campaigns, address serious SEO issues, provide metrics data on site and projects as required and defined

Goals for Templates

The templates taskforce aims to reactively support the content and infrastructure teams with whatever they need to get to beta. Those teams should file bugs in the template project in BugGenie as necessary.

Goals for content

It should be beta complete

  • Can be defined by content project group
  • All of the functionality is listed: all reference articles identified, with stub articles and topic clusters for each
  • (May not all have full content)
  • API signature, parameter descriptions for every topic
  • The page exists on the site with the proper URL, according to our conventions
  • Site map

It should be reasonably accurate, with systems and standards being defined to establish it as a reliable and reusable reference for the community:

  • There must be a consensus definition of a reference-able level of quality.
  • There should be a mechanism for navigating the site.
  • At least 90% of all identified topics are validated to our standard of reference-able.

These criteria can be applied to one major content area at a time.

For additional commentary on this section, see WPD/Project_Status/comments

Content Areas for Early Beta

  • CSS properties content task
  • API reference

Content items for later

  • DOM reference
  • CSS: other reference articles
  • CSS: tutorials
  • HTML references
  • HTML tutorials
  • JavaScript reference pages
  • Accessibility material improvements
  • Beginners guide
  • SVG
  • General web concepts

Goals for Community

  • Mechanisms are in place to encourage new members to engage in all channels: wiki, mailing list, IRC, Bug Genie
  • Benefits of contributing to WPD are articulated and are communicated to new members.
  • Helpful usable guides exist on how to contribute and interact
  • Implement tracking of metrics (see Analytics-11 and Infrastructure-25)
    • Growth
      • # ML members, Δ ML members
      • # Wiki accounts, Δ Wiki accounts
      • Survey for “How did you hear about WPD?” linked from wiki welcome email (Infrastructure-24)
    • Activity (per week or month)
      • # ML posts and threads --> avg posts/thread
      • # unique ML posters, # who are not Steward staff
      • # wiki edits
      • # active wiki users, # who are not Steward staff
  • Target metrics for Beta
    • Growth is positive (not flat or negative)
    • > 25% of new members come from non-Steward activity
    • > 25% of ML activity from non-Steward staff
    • > 25% of wiki activity from non-Steward staff

Goals for the WPD blog

To be ready for success at the beta timeframe, the WPD blog must meet the following criteria:

  • A detailed description of the purpose of the blog is posted, possibly in Posting Guidelines
  • Blogging practices for events and special announcements (doc sprints, milestones, etc.) are detailed in the description.
  • Cadences for blogging about ongoing needs (content status, community health, etc.) are established and evangelized.
  • A perpetual editorial calendar of blog posts has been created and filled out. The calendar looks forward a minimum of 60 days and is populated with topics and authors.

Beta Means

  • unflagging party (Julee)

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