Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github.

Merge Candidate

This flag is used to mark pages that should be merged. Often this is because the content is substantially duplicated in another article, for example because similar content was imported to the site from multiple sources.

If there are two or more peers that should be merged, this flag should be set on all of them.

If there is one primary article and one or more articles that are clearly of lesser quality, this flag should be set only on the other articles.

Manual of Style

TODO: Develop which section of Manual of Style this is related to.

Work Items

If an article has this flag, anyone can start to work to merge the denoted articles. Once the content of all of the articles has been moved to a single article and location, you can delete the useless pages.

If you add this flag, you do not need to wait for permission; this flag is mainly used as an “FYI” to others that someone is working on merging them.

Editorial Block

If you check off this flag you should include a Template:Editorial/Merge_Candidate template in the body.