Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github. bugs

If you find an issue related to the content of the site (e.g. an article is incorrect or missing), you have a few choices:

Content bugs

  • Fix it yourself. Learn how to contribute. If you find a fairly trivial fix, such as a typo, bad grammar, broken example, or obvious incorrect piece of data, please fix it yourself. You can probably fix it quicker than you could file a bug about it!
  • Add a comment. To add a comment, hover your mouse over the relevant section heading and click Add Comment. This is useful for more serious content issues that you aren’t sure how to solve. Leaving a comment on a page helps us more easily track down exactly what needs to be fixed.
  • Add a flag. Flags visually mark pages that are suffering from common issues, such as being incomplete or incorrect. See Using Flags for details.
  • File a bug. Do this only if it is not something that is covered by the three options above. See below for how to file a bug, if appropriate. Again, please don’t file bugs concerning problems that you can fix yourself.

Site bugs

If you find an issue related to the functionality of the site, file a bug (see below). The main groups of bugs we are seeing are as follows:

  • Site functionality bugs (for example, browser errors or UI issues).
  • Issues related to entire groups of pages not behaving or displaying correctly.

Browse existing bugs

See the Project Management page for lists of issues by category.

How to file bugs

To file a bug against WPD, or any other part of, you need to use the Project Management page.

  • First of all, you need to have an account. If not, in the upper right corner, from the YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN menu, select REGISTER, and follow the steps.
  • Next, make sure you are logged into the site. If you see YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN in the upper right corner, well, you know. From the menu, select LOGIN. You can also log in with OpenID.
  • Make sure that this bug hasn’t been filed already — in the Search field, enter keywords to search for the bug. You can also see the lists of issues by category by clicking the Issues button.
  • Click REPORT AN ISSUE to launch the super double-secret bug demolition missile that is your bug report. Thanks!

You should receive notifications via e-mail when your bug is actioned, commented, etc.