Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github.

Public conduct/displine guidelines

  • We do not yet have a code of conduct for Until we do, we expect to follow (roughly) the Wikipedia code of conduct — see So also below for some guidance notes.
  • Site administrators reserve the right to ban participation that they deem disruptive or offensive.

General webplatform conduct goals

In general, the goal of is that the community shall be self-policing and shall create a code of interactivity that reflects the cooperative nature of the site. To that extent:

  • Any user whom the community collectively trusts to be a productive member of the community and uphold the three pillars may be promoted to administrator. When someone wants to become an administrator, they need to make a request to the existing admins group, and they will approve it on a case by case basis. The process will be documented somewhere on the admin pages of the site.
  • Administrators may block users, promote other users to administrators, or delete, rename, move, or lock pages.
  • Administrators must use their privileges in a manner consistent with the Community Charter (or else they may lose those privileges).
  • We expect that Administrators will post relevant administrative information on a portion of the site.
  • The community will have a means to contact Administrators to inform them of issues that require attention, including out of date content, offensive content, edit wars, etc.

General notes about webplatform IRC/forum/mailing list conduct

Throughout the webplatform site and related resources — including the Wiki, forums, chat, and other sections — we expect communication to be on topic, respectful and courteous at all times.

The topic of the site is documenting/educating about client-side web development, which is a very broad topic, but it gives some idea of what we’re aiming at. We don’t want to discourage any meaningful technology conversation and writing, but we would like to keep the site focused on this area to keep it manageable and maintainable.

We are not a tech support site for client-side web development, so people posting “help me fix my code” type questions will be politely be asked to move those questions over to a more appropriate forum, such as JavaScript or HTML IRC channels, or stackoverflow.

If we start to see too much off-topic discussion, trivial/comedy banter, or other disruptive activity in any of our pages or communication mechanisms, we may lock down edits, remove editing privileges, politely ask the people involved to cut it out/take conversation to a more suitable venue, or even start banning users if the activity persists.

Instant bans will be put into effect on community members who:

  • Start spamming our communication mechanisms with blatantly unhelpful material, such as adverts, broken code, and nonsense material.
  • Threaten or are abusive to other community members.
  • Post messages that are of a rascist, sexist, homophobic, or other similarly hateful nature.