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Tutorial title

Page table of contents

  • Links to subheadings within this article for ease of access

Reference section

Each tutorial article should contain a multi-faceted, useful reference section contaning a number of links:

  • Name of current article
  • “previous” and “next” links to take readers to the previous or next article in the series, or suggested "next steps", if the article isn’t in an obvious series, or is at the end of a series.
  • Other “related links” to take the reader to articles that cover related topics or topics that were only touched upon in this article, in more detail.
  • Basic canonical articles: links to the definitive articles that cover the components of the current article. For example, in an article about creating buttons with CSS sprites, gradients, border-radius and box/text-shadow, you’d link to the basic articles that cover background, gradients, border-radius, box-shadow and text-shadow.
  • Links to the relevant specs covering these features. Do we need these here too?
  • Topic tags, which will link to other articles tagged with the same tag.


Brief introduction to the topic in hand: the problem we are solving, the technique we are demonstrating, the widget we are coding, or the API or module feature we are explaining.

Article body

The complete meat of the article. We probably need to work out some sort of guidance template for article body structure, but I don’t think it should be too restricting. It can be more freeform than reference pages.


Summary saying what we learned, and any conclusions we can draw from the article.

External references

Resources from elsewhere on the web that might give useful information or further examples about the same topic, or which were used in the creation of this article (influences, or places where inspiration or material were drawn from)

Common Information

See Common page elements.