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Event title



<element onclick="fnFoo()" ... >


el.addEventListener('click', fnFoo);

el.onclick = fnFoo;

Property values

  • Event Type (e.g. click)
  • Interfaces (e.g. MouseEvent, including inherited interfaces, WheelEvent : MouseEvent)
  • Sync / Async (e.g. Sync or Async)
  • Bubbles (boolean)
  • Target Type (e.g. defaultView, Document, DocumentFragment, Element, Attr, Text, Comment, CDATASection, DocumentType, EntityReference, ProcessingInstruction)
  • Cancelable (boolean)
  • Default Action (e.g. None, Varies; a description of a default action, such as zooming, scrolling, or invoking a context menu)
  • Event Properties (e.g. .screenX, .key, .relatedTarget)
  • Context info (e.g. any other properties, such as those inherited from other interfaces)
  • Attribute Name (e.g. onclick)

Type: some type

Brief description

Normative documents

Example pages/Common elements#Normative_documents


Longer description, can be multiple paragraphs.

(Arbitrary subheading)

More explanation.


Explanatory text about examples

(Example subheading)

Example pages/Common elements#Code_block