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The MathML mstyle element is used change the style of its children. It accepts all attributes of all MathML presentation elements with some exceptions and additional attributes listed below.

Overview Table

DOM Interface


This example demonstrates a simple usage of the mstyle element:


  <mstyle displaystyle="true" mathcolor="teal">

        <mo stretchy="true" form="prefix">โˆ‘</mo>
          <mo form="infix">=</mo>

      <mstyle displaystyle="true">



Related specifications

MathML 3.0
W3C Recommendation


This attribute is specifying the character for the alignment point within mstack and mtable columns, if the decimalpoint value is used to specify the alignment.
A Boolean value specifying whether more vertical space is used for displayed equations or, if set to false, a more compact layout is used to display formulas. The main effect is that larger versions of operators are displayed, when displaystyle is set to true. See also largeop and movablelimits on mo.
Specifies the default linebreakstyle to use for infix operators. The values before, after and duplicate are allowed.
Controls mostly the font-size. The higher the scriptlevel, the smaller the font size. This attribute accepts a non-negative integer, as well as a โ€œ+โ€ or a "-" sign, which increments or decrements the current value. In addition, the scriptlevel attribute can never reduce the font size below scriptminsize in order to avoid unreadable small font sizes and depends on the multiplier specified in scriptsizemultiplier.
Specifies a minimum font size allowed due to changes in scriptlevel. The default value is 8pt.
Specifies the multiplier to be used to adjust font size due to changes in scriptlevel. The default value is 0.71.

The <mstyle> element accepts all attributes of all presentation attributes with the following exceptions:


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