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The MathML mrow element is used to group sub-expressions, which usually contain one or more operators with their respective operands (such as mi and mn). This element renders as a horizontal row containing its arguments.

Overview Table

DOM Interface


This example demonstrates a simple usage of the mrow element:


    <mn> 1 </mn>
    <mo> + </mo>
    <mn> 1 </mn>

    <mo> ( </mo>
      <mi> x </mi>
      <mo> , </mo>
      <mi> y </mi>
    <mo> ) </mo>


Related specifications

MathML 3.0
W3C Recommendation

When writing a MathML expression, you should group elements within an <mrow> in the same way as they are grouped in the mathematical interpretation of the expression. Proper grouping helps the rendering of the expression in several ways:

  • It can improve the display by possibly affecting spacing.
  • It allows for more intelligent line-breaking and indentation.
  • It simplifies the interpretation of the expression by automated systems such as computer algebra systems and audio renderers.


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