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Property of dom/Windowdom/Window


var result = element.onLine;
element.onLine = value;



In Windows Internet Explorer 8 and later, the onLine property returns true if both of the following conditions are true:

  • the system is able to communicate with the network
  • the system is not in global offline mode (Users can modify the global offline state by choosing Work Offline on the File menu.)

onLine false In Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 through Windows Internet Explorer 7, the onLine property indicates whether the system is in global offline mode. It does not indicate whether the system can communicate with the network. onLine returns true if the WWAHost.exe can contact the network, otherwise, it returns false. A Metro style app using JavaScript uses event listeners (addEventListener) to monitor online and offline events that fire when the state of the window object changes. The offline event fires when the onLine property changes from true to false. The online event fires when the onLine property changes from false to true.


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