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Provides access to the IndexedDB features supported by the browser and/or device.

Property of dom/Windowdom/Window


var ixDBHandle = window.indexedDB;
window.indexedDB = value;

Return Value

Returns an object of type IDBFactoryIDBFactory

A handle to the IndexedDB “factory,” which allows access to IndexedDB features on the current browser/device.


The following example uses feature detection to determine whether IndexedDB is supported by the current browser/device.

function getIndexedDBHandle() {
   var oResult = null;
   if ( window.indexedDB ) {
      oResult = window.indexedDB;
   } else if ( window.mozIndexedDB ) {
      oResult = window.mozIndexedDB;
   } else if ( window.webkitIndexedDB ) {
      oResult = window.webkitIndexedDB;
   return oResult;

var ixHandle = getIndexedDBHandle();
if ( getIndexHandle == null ) {
} else {



For security reasons, Internet Explorer support for the indexedDB property is limited to webpages loaded using the “http://” or “https://” protocols.

Note: In pre-release versions of Internet Explorer 10, the indexedDB was accessed using a vendor prefix (msIndexedDB). Such use is considered obsolete; applications using the vendor prefix should be updated to ensure standards-compliance and future compatibility.

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