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Method of dom/TextRangedom/TextRange


var object = object.item(/* see parameter list */);




Variant of type Integer or String that specifies the object or collection to retrieve. If this parameter is an integer, it is the zero-based index of the object. If this parameter is a string, all objects with matching name or id properties are retrieved, and a collection is returned if more than one match is made.

Return Value

Returns an object of type DOM NodeDOM Node



The following example uses the item method to retrieve each object from the document. In this case, the method parameter is a number, so the objects are retrieved in the order in which they appear in the document.

<script language="JScript">
var oItem = document.all;
if (oItem!=null) {
    for (i=0; i<oItem.length; i++)

The next example uses the item method to retrieve a collection of all objects in the document that have “Sample” as an ID. It then uses item again to retrieve each object from the “Sample” collection.

<script language="JScript">
var oItem = document.all.item("Sample");
If (oItem != null) {
    for (i=0; i<oItem.length; i++) {



Always check the IDispatch pointer returned by this call, even if the method returns S_OK. If the value of the pointer is null, the element was not found and the call was not successful. Upon successful return, the pvarResult parameter contains an IDispatch interface pointer or an array of IDispatch interface pointers that can be queried for a specific interface, depending on the collection type. item returns a Variant of type Object that can be queried for IHTMLTxtRange. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 does not provide multiple selection. The default implementation of this method returns a collection consisting of a single TextRange object Host applications can provide a multiple selection mechanism and can return a collection of TextRange objects that represents discontinuous selections.