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Retrieves whether client-side persistent cookies are enabled. Persistent cookies are those that are stored on the client-side computer.

Property of dom/Navigatordom/Navigator


Note: This property is read-only.

var result = navigator.cookieEnabled;

Return Value

Returns an object of type BooleanBoolean

false (false)

Client does not support cookies or cookies are disabled.

true (true)

Client does support cookies.


if (!navigator.cookieEnabled) {
  // let the user know that enabling cookies makes the web page much more useful


 Some websites may require cookies to be enabled on the client in order to work as intended.

eg. a cookie may be used to store a user token that is used to automatically log a user back in when they return visit.

Use navigator.cookieEnabled to determine if the client web browser has cookies enabled. Display a message if they are not and your site requires it.



Note CookieEnabled does not check the status of session cookies. This property does not check whether third-party persistent cookies are enabled.


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