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Property of dom/HTMLElementdom/HTMLElement


var result = element.rowIndex;
element.rowIndex = value;


This example function shows how to use the rowIndex attribute to format a table. The function sets the background color of the rows in the table to black or white, alternating row by row.

function formatTable(oTable)
  var rows=oTable.rows;
  for(var i=0;i<rows.length;i++)
    if(i%2==0) {
      rows[i].style.backgroundColor = "black";
      rows[i].style.color = "white";
    } else {
      rows[i].style.backgroundColor = "white";
      rows[i].style.color = "black";



This property is different from sectionRowIndex, which indicates the object’s position in the tBody, tHead, or tFoot rows collection. These sections are mutually exclusive, so the tr is always contained in one of these sections and in the table. You can determine the rowIndex property of an object by the order in which the object appears in the HTML source.


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