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Legacy. Use anchorElement.textContent instead. Functions identically to Node.textContent.

Property of dom/HTMLAnchorElementdom/HTMLAnchorElement


var anchorText = anchorElement.text;
anchorElement.text = newAnchorText;

Return Value

Returns an object of type StringString

The text content of the element.


The following script replaces every instance of the letter “a” in the text of an a element with instances of the letter "t", using the text property for getting and setting the text.

// Caching the a element for further use.
var anchor = document.getElementById("some-anchor");
// Getting the text of the element, replacing
// any "a" with "t" using a regular expression
// and setting the result back to the text property.
// Alternatively,
// use anchor.textContent = anchor.textContent.replace(/a/g, "t"); instead.
anchor.text = anchor.text.replace(/a/g, "t");

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