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Property of dom/Elementdom/Element


var result = element.readyState;
element.readyState = value;



The FileReader object can be in one of three states.

Constant Value Description
EMPTY 0 The FileReader object has been constructed, and there are no pending reads. None of the read methods have been called. This is the default state of a newly created FileReader object, until one of the read methods has been called on it.
LOADING 1 A File or Blob is being read. One of the read methods is being processed, and no error has occurred during the read.
DONE 2 The entire File or Blob has been read into memory, a file error occurred during read, or the read was aborted using abort. The FileReader is no longer reading a File or Blob. If readyState is set to DONE it means at least one of the read methods have been called on this FileReader object.


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