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Overview Table

Synchronous No
Bubbles No
Target dom/Element
Cancelable No
Default action ?
## Examples

The following example shows how to use the onmove event and display the x and y coordinates of a DIV as it is moved.

<title>The onmove event</title>
// Turn on 2-D positioning
function fnHandleMove() {
  oXDelta.innerText = event.srcElement.offsetLeft;
  oYDelta.innerText = event.srcElement.offsetTop;
<body onmove="fnHandleMove();">
<b>Current Object:</b><br>
X delta: <span id="oXDelta">n/a</span><br>
Y delta: <span id="oYDelta">n/a</span><br>
<div contenteditable="true">
<div style="width:300px;height:100px; background-color:red; position:absolute;">
Movable DIV</div>

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This event can be bound to relatively positioned elements as well as absolutely positioned elements. This event does not fire when it is bound to an object inside a container object that moves. Calls the associated event handler if there is one. To invoke this event, do one of the following:

  • Change the absolute position of the object.

The pEvtObj parameter is required for the following interfaces:

  • HTMLAnchorEvents2
  • HTMLAreaEvents2
  • HTMLButtonElementEvents2
  • HTMLControlElementEvents2
  • HTMLDocumentEvents2
  • HTMLElementEvents2
  • HTMLFormElementEvents2
  • HTMLImgEvents2
  • HTMLFrameSiteEvents2
  • HTMLInputFileElementEvents2
  • HTMLInputImageEvents2
  • HTMLInputTextElementEvents2
  • HTMLLabelEvents2
  • HTMLLinkElementEvents2
  • HTMLMapEvents2
  • HTMLMarqueeElementEvents2
  • HTMLObjectElementEvents2
  • HTMLOptionButtonElementEvents2
  • HTMLScriptEvents2
  • HTMLSelectElementEvents2
  • HTMLStyleElementEvents2
  • HTMLTableEvents2
  • HTMLTextContainerEvents2
  • HTMLWindowEvents2


Standards information

There are no standards that apply here.

Event handler parameters

pEvtObj [in]
Type: ****IHTMLEventObj****