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Property of dom/Elementdom/Element


var result = element.XMLDocument;
element.XMLDocument = value;


This example uses the XMLDocument property to access the object model of an xml data island.

function fnCheck(){
   var oNode = oMetaData.XMLDocument.selectSingleNode

<XML ID="oMetaData">
     <AUTHOR>John Smith</AUTHOR>
     <GENERATOR>Visual Notepad</GENERATOR>
     <ABSTRACT>Specifies a data island</ABSTRACT>

<INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Test" onclick="fnCheck()">



XMLDocument is the default property; specifying the property is optional. The XMLDocument property is useful when an entire XML document is passed to a method that requires an html element, instead of an xml element. The XMLDocument property provides access to the root of the XML tree in the data island. For a complete description of the XML DOM exposed by the XMLDocument property, see the XML DOM overview.

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