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Media Capture and Streams


Enables access to local devices (video cameras, microphones, Web cams) that can generate multimedia stream data (video, audio, or both).


 The MediaStream interface is used to represent streams of media data, typically (but not necessarily) of audio and/or video content, e.g. from a local camera. Each MediaStream object can contain zero or more tracks, in particular audio and video tracks. And each track in a MediaStream object has a corresponding MediaStreamTrack object.

A MediaStreamTrack represents content comprising one or more channels, where the channels have a defined well known relationship to each other (such as a stereo or 5.1 audio signal).

A new MediaStream object can be created from accessible media sources using the MediaStream() constructor, or generated by a getUserMedia() call. After calling navigator.getUserMedia the user is asked for permission to let the browser access the camera or the microphone.

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