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A native script object used by the getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition() methods.


A request from the application to receive the best possible location results. The intended purpose of this attribute is to allow applications to inform the implementation that they do not require high accuracy geolocation fixes so the implementation can avoid using geolocation providers that consume a significant amount of power (e.g., GPS).
Indicates that the application is willing to accept a cached position whose age is no greater than the specified time (in milliseconds).
Denotes the maximum length of time (expressed in milliseconds) that is allowed to pass from the call to getCurrentPosition() or watchPosition() until the corresponding successCallback is invoked.


No methods.


No events.


Obtain user position using high accuracy and a timeout if a location cant be found within 60 seconds.

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(geoSuccess,geoError, {'enableHighAccuracy':true,'timeout':60000,'maximumAge':0});

/* Position found*/
function geoSuccess(position)
alert('latitude: '+position.coords.latitude+' AND longitude: '+position.coords.longitude);

/* Position not found*/
function geoError(position)
alert("No position found");

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