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Adding to our Docs pages

  • Status: Completed; Available on all documentation pages
  • See in action: Take a look at all example pages listed in #Templates changed
  • Next steps: TBD, see #TODO


Which MediaWiki templates are involved to display the compatibility tables data.

What has been done

For instructions on how to set in place, refer to Template:Compatibility at How to use.

Templates changed

Each of them might have had a {{Compatibility_Form_Section}} (at least in the Form) and we removed it. Instead we made sure the Template had the new {{Compatibility}} template in both Form and Template … templates.

NOTE: the topic= argument is optional (e.g. {{Compatibility}}), refer to Template:Compatibility documentation, it should describe how to use more in depth.

Templates that has been emptied

For depreciation.

The Compatibility_Section template has been purposefully muted so we can add the compat data only where we want.

See list of pages using Template:Compatibility_Section in an hardcoded fashion.

The Template:Compatibility_Form_Section should be removed from all templates as they are being replaced with the new Compatibility template


Next steps

Rough estimate of tasks to do:

  • Document how to add data in our compatibility-data GitHub project
  • Ensure manual JSON input is valid and doesn’t break, tool to minify the file (for deployment)
  • Automate deployment on Merge to master
  • Clear appropriate caches (Varnish, Memcached, Redis, et al.)


  • CSS_Media_Feature, in Template, Form, has feature hardcoded at “media-queries”
  • In all javascript pages, the Compatibility inclusion is made through Template:JS_Topics and should be moved somewhere that is used only within the new JavaScript docs pages.
  • Page css/media_queries/device-height has more than one form , listed from css/mediaqueries

Former Compatibility table template

Should we mute them from the template, or their call? Decision: remove from page, or empty.

Where they *might not* make sense to have a Compatibility table?

Should we?

Things to improve


When changing page for this project

 Installing Compatibility tables, see [[WPD/Projects/CompaTables/Adding_to_our_content]]

Listing pages based on URL prefix

Like it is done at concepts/Internet_and_Web


Listing index based on SMW properties

Like it is done at html

  |query = [[Category:HTML]][[Category:Markup Attributes]][[Path::~html/*]]
  [[Standardization Status::W3C Recommendation||W3C Proposed Recommendation||W3C Candidate Recommendation]]