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Suggested design enhancements for CSS properties


This page is a suggested mockup of how a CSS property page should look. Compared to the original font-size property page, there are several enhancements that would need to be implemented, and here is a list of the most significant. They’re broken down into 3 basic categories: SKIN requiring mostly modified CSS, TEMPLATE requiring a change in how content is generated and flows onto the final HTML page, and FORM for changes in the text-input UI.

  1. [SKIN] Page title & summary are on the same line in this example; formatted as left/right justification with negative margin for overlay; this is fragile for cases where text in either runs too long.
  2. [TEMPLATE] Removed hard-coded “W3C Recommendation” text. If necessary, use a graphic to represent options or otherwise push it out of the main text flow.
  3. [FORM] “Specifies the size of text” is currently called a "summary", hopefully a simple sentence reflected in CSS property listings. The “This property sets the…” text offers more fleshed-out expository context not intended for listings. New field needed in template. What to call it? Summary-listing/Summary-extended?
  4. [TEMPLATE] Removed the implicit “Summary” & “Overview table” headings.
  5. [TEMPLATE] Under "Values", each <dt>/<dd> pair generate incorrectly in its own <dl>, which also produces unnecessary rules. Regardless, Suggest removing the rule formatting altogether as too busy.
  6. [TEMPLATE/SKIN] Heavily reformatted the property value overview table. Suggest shading all rows white here.
  7. [TEMPLATE] Each cell title (“Computed value"/"Initial value”) should link to a concept page.
  8. [TEMPLATE] Inherited/Animatable use check/X icons rather than Yes/No text.
  9. [FORM] Current template only allows one media type, but property may well apply to more.
  10. [FORM] Added an extra “Shorthand” field to overview table. Suggest a field in e.g. template for font-size to specify "font". Then font-size page would display “Shorthand: font” and font page would display “Shorthand for: font-family, font-size, font-weight” … etc. for all properties that share the same shorthand.
  11. [TEMPLATE] If property is marked as "inherited", should a syntax line & value description be automatically generated, or is it implicit, and is link to the “inherited” concept sufficient? Authors should not have to redundantly hard-code the “inherit” value at any rate.
  12. [FORM] Fixed keyword values are bold, while variables are italic. The template provides no way to make that important distinction.
  13. [TEMPLATE/SKIN] Default text for <dd> text in “Values” section should not be italic.
  14. [TEMPLATE] Heavily reformatted & merged the compatibility table.
  15. [TEMPLATE] Separated sub-issues in compatibility table (e.g. “vw/vh/vmin viewport units”) with col-spanned table headings.
  16. [FORM] Under compatibility notes, added less-than/greater-than/equals for explicit relation to version numbers.
  17. [TEMPLATE] Removed redundant “See Also” head; used “Related Articles” instead.
  18. [TEMPLATE] Pushed Specification info into “Related Articles” area
  19. [SKIN] Reformatted most related-article links as 3-column to save space. (Can CSS formatting kick in after # of list items exceeds a threshold? For 3-col format, should kick in with >6 items to prevent orphans.)
  20. [FORM] Directly embedded a sample page as an <iframe>. This is only a suggested UI. Hopefully dabblet sample pages can be presented this way, directly available on the page next to doc that describes it.
  21. [FORM] Suggest adding explicit “example” template options for embedded samples, and for images showing the result of CSS formatting described in other code examples. (Suggest support for >1 inline image, useful to clarify before/after scenarios.)
  22. [FORM] Unclear what “Percentages” template option is intended for "Top-Level Summary", but it is not reflected in the resulting overview table.
  23. [TEMPLATE] Headings may be reshuffled in output.
  24. [TEMPLATE] If only one “Basic support” feature is considered in compatibility table, do not include explicit column span heading. If other sub-features are included, include explicit column spans.
  25. [TEMPLATE] If appropriate to include explicit “inherit” or “initial” values within “Values” listing (not sure if it is), generate it from supplied metadata, and append it.
  26. [FORM] Should there be a compatibility-table row for tablet-class browsers?
  27. [TEMPLATE] When both prefix & unprefixed support is specified, include them in the same cell (e.g.: “5.0<br/><span class="tinyWebkitPrefix">3.0</span>”). Support is the crucial info to convey; having to implement redundant property prefixes is relatively trivial.
  28. [FORM] Option to include sample syntax with each syntax item. E.g., along with variable “length” syntax item, a quick sample would be “1.5em” as it appears in the sample.
  29. [FORM] Clarify the expected scope of each input field. What’s the difference between “Usage” and "Notes"?
  30. [SKIN] On basic principle, increase line-height within UL/OL/DL lists to match body text. I mean, just look at this page.