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Section Guidelines

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You may also be interested in the list of article types.


  • Summaries should mention the property (SEO vs. tools)
  • Summaries should not be more than 3 sentences.
  • Idea: transcluding summary into overview article.

Overview Table

  • Values should be IN <code>
  • Link to concepts


  • use <dl> for lists.


  • Formatting:
  • Literals: Code literals should be in <code> or <pre> throughout
  • Data-Types: Data-type (like <length> or <percentage>) should be with <> and in italics + bold and link to the page they’re defined on.
  • Placeholder: Styled like data-type, but link to intra-page


  • Example code should be useful and interesting (not straight-forward grammar completion)
  • Include inline examples where possible
  • Include a link to live examples in something like Dabbler or JSFiddle where possible.
  • Should it have a context-setting surrounding, e.g. /* This code is part of a <style> block or a stylesheet */
  • Code should stand alone as much as possible.
  • All code should be elsewhere and included into the page. (When that functionality exists)
  • Should follow all best practices
  • Should have descriptive comments to explain the results.
  • See also Sample best practices


  • Not specific to syntax or value, not directly related to usage, but still germane to the member. Remove this section ideally. In the long term, we should split them into other areas.


  • Create this section.

Compatibility Section

  • Compatibility notes is a table:
 * Browser | Versions | Note
 * Make sure they're grouped.
 * Alphabetical order