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Content Biased Voice

This flag should be checked for articles that have a biased voice that represents a strong point of view. For example, articles that including marketing or spam included among legitimate content should include this flag. You should also mark the specific content that is in a biased voice using the associated Editorial block. If the entire page sound like a marketing page or spam, you should probably mark it as a candidate for deletion instead. Pages that are overly focused on one browser vendor should get the not vendor neutral flag instead (although it’s conceivable that an article would have both of these flags if the article is very vendor specific and also uses very biased language).

Manual of Style

TODO: Figure out which piece of Manual of Style this relates to

Work Items

Once the entirety of the article has a netural point of view that does not unfairly support any specific viewpoint or product this flag can be removed.

Editorial Block

Be sure to mark which content has biased voice problems using the associated editorial block: Template:Editorial/Content_Biased_Voice.

The editorial block should be as close to the biased content as possible. If that’s not possible (for example because the biased pieces are in a rigidly-structured part of the page), then put it in the Editorial Block at the top of the page.

If most of the content is biased, the editorial block should go in the Editorial Blocks section at the top of the page.