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Reviewer Checklist

Editing checklist

  • Are all fields filled out, especially:
    • Standardization status
    • Article Summary (does it stand on its own? does it reference related shorthand or longhand properties?)
    • Top-Level Summary
    • Values (each value has its own form field? definition elements, not example values?)
    • Examples
      • should at least have one exemplary of a common use case
      • should link to the example on (no 3rd party code)
      • no examples still living on MSDN site
      • no duplicate “===Syntax===” section within Import Notes
      • no “===Standards information===” (should be converted to our “Related specifications” form field)
      • how do they look in various browsers (are there comments in the code @ re: versioning?)
      • do the comments in the sample on point back to this property page?
      • do the comments have an author, supported browsers, a short explanation?
    • Notes section (if any, are they useful and not just left over from original content import)
    • Related specifications (including link to any original spec, current recommendation, and editor’s draft)
    • Compatibility notes (up-to-date and not just left over from original content import)
    • See also section
      • Topic clusters: auto-generated list for see also section (see and WPD/Topics)
    • Topics: general tagging for associating different pages & based on the topic category (see WPD/Architecture/Topics and Property:Topics)
    • External attribution (spot check sentences to ensure content is original)
  • Are sentences clear?
    • Grammatically correct?
    • Use present tense?
    • Use first person or refer to user agent, such as the browser?
    • Are sentences as short as possible?
    • Is style maintained throughout page? Does it match style of related properties?
  • Check the Needs Review checkbox

Technical review checklist

  • Is article summary technically accurate and clear?
  • Do values match the latest specification? Are the experimental features clearly marked?
  • Are values definition elements and not examples (see [1] )?
  • Are examples accurate? Use best practices? Do they show common use cases?
  • Are notes & caveats sufficient?
  • Do links to other articles or resources pointing to examples that are best practices?
  • Could you add some fun, interesting, insightful notes, links, examples?
  • Uncheck the Needs Review checkbox