Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github.

Community Engagement Plan

A breakdown of the different audiences or constituencies, when we involve them, and what information we will share with them at different stages of roll-out.

Please insert a link to the working task force and their charter and next meetings here.

Who to Engage

  • Sponsoring Orgs
  • Other W3C member orgs
  • Grass Roots
    • Influencers
      • Well-known Web folks
      • leaders within different communities
    • Individuals

How to Engage

Basic principle:

  1. Give publicity to contributors
  2. Promote updates made on the wiki

Actions to take:

  • Teams and team leads?
  • Give entry points :
- Identify top contributors - Identify mentors to help newcomers - Identify things to do (organize by topic, by needs and by type of contribution) - Identify talking places (IRC, forum, ML, etc.)
- Spread the world
- Blog about what's happenning on a regular basis (see [Mozilla "State of the doc blog posts"]( - Tweet every major doc change with credit to the contributor (this could apply to any social network, not just Twitter) - Convince technical bloggers to link back to
- Social events
- Organize [Doc Sprints](/WPD/Doc_Sprints) - Promote events organize by contributors
## When to Engage
  • Sneak Preview: Current stewards, invited opinion leaders, interested W3 members
    • Purpose: work out bugs in site; get core participants familiar
    • Invitation: we’d like you to look at it and get familiar; in exchange, we’d like your help in promoting it later
    • Don’t invite until we have something live to share
    • Need to develop list of people to invite
  • Alpha rollout: Open to the public