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Unreviewed Import

This flag is used to mark content that was automatically imported from another source (generally Microsoft Developer Network) but has not been manually reviewed to verify the content is accurate, complete, and correctly flagged.

Manual of Style

Not applicable

Work Items

There are many things to check for before removing this flag:

  • For API_Object pages, that all applicable methods, properties, and events are listed.
  • For other pages, that the correct “*_applies_to” properties are set to link them to their overview pages.
  • That content is not incorrectly formatted or hidden due to markup problems.
  • That all of the appropriate flags are set.
  • That the content is not mis-linked to other pages, generating incorrect information (specifically, via the *_applies_to parameters that are used to figure out which methods and properties apply to which API objects).
  • View the MSDN original page (there’s a link at the bottom in the attribution section) to make sure no information was lost in the import, including information about methods and properties.
  • Help us extend this list!

You may remove this flag once you’ve reviewed those bullet points and applied the applicable flags and editorial notes for the pages.

Editorial Block

There is no associated editorial block.