Notice: The WebPlatform project, supported by various stewards between 2012 and 2015, has been discontinued. This site is now available on github.

Web Platform Wednesday, Week 12: Emphasizing text properties

This week, we're putting an emphasis on text properties. That's right: text-emphasis, text-emphasis-color, and text-emphasis-style. We also want to cover some text decoration properties. Learn how to fine-tune your text while contributing to Web Platform Docs.

We're coming to the end game for this project. We're doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure the properties pages are looking good. You may see some slight changes to the pages as you're editing them. For example, we're adding an infographic to the top of the page to make it easy for the user to identify the status of a spec. If you notice some of these changes, and you want to provide feedback, please email the public list with your comments.

It's Summer, we know. But we have one contributor who is working from the beach with the sun, the surf, the kids, the beach balls and Web Platform Docs! You can pick a task, such as Basic facts, Explanatory text, Examples or Links, and do it while you're taking a break from the sun under that umbrella. Cool off while earning that fire starter badge.

To view a full list of all properties we will be covering this week, head over to the WPW page, pick one or more properties you find interesting. Then contact the coordinators through the #webplatform IRC Channel or on the public email list to ensure you won’t be doing duplicate work. There is always someone willing to help, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions, problems, feedback or just want to tell us what you did on your summer vacation!