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Web Platform Wednesday, Week 11: backgrounds, borders and transforms

From the simple to the advanced, CSS has a lot of effects to offer with a little bit of code. This week we're documenting background, border, and transform properties. And looking around, there's a lot of great advice and tools out there.

For instance, did you know there's a site out there just to help you create a border radius? The site's name?, of course. And at the other end of the spectrum, Mike Sierra's article on CSS transforms takes a deck of cards and shuffles them every which way.

Shay Howe also has a straightforward transforms tutorial that takes you from the basics to a 3D cube demo, before you even know how far you've gone. And then there's the hoedown with backgrounds from Rob Fletcher, who shows out to do CSS background transformations the right way. While you're at it, check out Chris Coyer's introduction to animation.

With so much help from such a creative community, it's really fun to beef up the reference pages for these properties. Head on over to the Web Platform Wednesday page and see where you can lend your creativity. If you find any properties you want to work on, or have questions about, come and chat with the co-ordinators in the #webplatform IRC Channel or via email on the mailing list, as there is always someone who will be happy to help.