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Web Platform Wednesday, Week 8: Grid & Column Layout

These last few weeks of Web Platform Wednesday's have proven to be even more successful than we could have imagined with many new community members creating Web Platform accounts and joining in to help document the web. Last week's Seattle doc sprint joined in helping document many of the Web Platform Wednesday properties, completing 103 topics. This is a huge accomplishment in our journey of reaching beta status in CSS properties by the end of July 2013! A huge thank you to all those in the community who have assisted in some way in getting us thus far.

But, let us not stop there, as this week's Web Platform Wednesday is all about Grid and Column layout.

These two new layouts allows developers to create fluid grids, being able to specify columns and rows without having to resort to older techniques of using floats and inline-block displayed elements.

Here are two great articles to get you started on Grid Layout and Column Count. Be sure to check out the "Other Resources" in the above links to some more great articles on these topics.

Once you have caught up on these two new layouts, and maybe even played around with them in a dabblet, head on to the Web Platform Wednesday page to get a list of all available properties.

If you have any questions, ideas or even just want to say "hi", come and chat on #webplatform IRC Channel or on our email list.